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For Copyright permission on any portion of RTP materials, including the three school discipline books, Discipline For Home And School, Fundamentals; Discipline For Home And School, Book One and Book Two; and the DVD's on RTP, to reproduce or retransmit any materials in any form, written permission must be granted by Ed Ford, president of the Responsible Thinking Process, Inc.

If a school plans to create a web site, and include any portion of any copyrighted material, it is requested that the school does the following:

1. Obtain written permission from RTP, Inc. to use any potion of any copyrighted materials;

2. Submit a draft description of any explanations of RTP (including all web site pages referring to RTP) to RTP, Inc. for it's review and written approval;

3. Provide a link to the RTP web site in or near the description so that the reader can obtain clarifying information about RTP (However, the link cannot imply any association or sponsorship by RTP).

The United States Trademark Office has approved registration of RTP ®, Inc.'s application for trademark. To provide notice, a small circled R ® can now be placed after Responsible Thinking Process or RTP. Legally, the registration gives RTP, Inc the right to receive treble damages and attorneys fees if someone infringes the trademark rights.

There is also the Lanham Act, passed by the U.S.Congress. Simply stated, this act prohibits anyone from false or misleading statements about another person's product or program. Thus, if a school, for example, were to claim they were using RTP, and had made statements including a few additions that were not part of RTP, or had eliminated others, they would be in violation of the Lanham Act.

If a person were to give a presentation on RTP without permission, they would be in violation of the Lanham Act.

If you have any questions concerning any copyright infringement concerning RTP material, you should send your request to Ed Ford is president of RTP, Inc. In some cases, it may be referred to the corporation's legal counsel for review.


WARNING: Some are teaching RTP but are neither accredited or qualified.

Both in the U.S. and in other countries, there are some educators teaching RTP
and some schools claiming to use RTP, that are not accredited by RTP, Inc.

Also, if a person were to give a presentation on RTP without permission,
they would be in violation of the Lanham Act.


Responsible Thinking Process and RTP ® are registered trademarks of Ed Ford and RTP inc. Ed Ford President
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