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Current Trainers

Authorized contact information for the RTP ® program
Current RTP® Trainers in the United States and Australia

As the creator of the Responsible Thinking Process and current president of RTP, Inc., I want to make sure that those who represent RTP are qualified and can be depended upon to represent RTP. The following is the current list of those whose schools I’ve visited and have watched them work with students. I have found them to be sufficiently trustworthy and knowledgeable of RTP and will maintain its integrity. Ed Ford.

There are 3 RTP trainers authorized to train schools

There are currently only two people that are authorized to do training in the United States, and they are:
George Venetis and Ed Ford. 

In Australasia, there is an additional authorized trainer, Jean Knight.
Jean Knight, Supervisor of Trainers, retired principal, home: 5/38 Emerald Street, Kedron, 4031, Queensland, phone: 07 3857-1603

The other trainers mentioned below have the authority to explain the process to a group interested in or considering RTP training. Also, once a school has been trained, the other trainers would be authorized to go in and evaluate the school, advising them of areas in which they need to improve for possible future accreditation. 

All schools must receive their RTP accreditation from Ed Ford, George Venetis, or Jean Knight. 


Current U. S. Trainers

Ed Ford, creator and president of RTP, Inc., Responsible Thinking Process, Inc.
10209 N. 56th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85253, phone: 480 584-4715

The first on the list is the supervisor of trainers, George Venetis, the educator who originally helped me to build the process in the school where he was assistant principal in January, 1994, later to become its principal. George is a retired educator, and is presently working with me training educators throughout the world. 

George Venetis, Supervisor of Trainers, 2601 N. 49th Place, Phoenix, Arizona 85008, phone: 602 952-1942

Scott Bogner, Superintendent, Grant Public Schools, 148 S. Elder Ave., Grant, MI 49327,  phone: 231 834-7146
Andy Rynberg, 3980 E. Brenlor Drive, Hesperia, Michigan 49421  Phone 231-450-0013, Educational Leadership Coach, New Ways School.  email:

United States

The following are qualified RTP trainers in the United States and can be depended upon when it comes to questions about RTP:

Jack Foster, Superintendent, Southwest Region School District, Dillingham, Alaska, phone: 907 842-5287

Herman Gerving, Principal, Southwest Region School District, Manokotak, Alaska, phone: 907 289-1013

Darleen Martin, the first RTC teacher started with the Phoenix school where the program was built. She is now retired. Her home phone is 602-956-9607.   Her email address is:

Vicki Creekmore retired RTC teacher, Toledo, Ohio:  Home phone 419.882.8520    Cell # 419.351.2079

Kathy Kelly, M. D. Fox Elementary School, Hartford Public Schools (where she is district RTP trainer), Hartford, CT, cell phone: 860 463-4723

Erin Powell, (especially knowledgeable in Special Education), 4072 Pine Run Circle, St. Augustine, FL, 32086, home phone: 904 794-5088

Dave Anderson, principal, Sahuaro Elementary School, 12835 N. 33rd Ave, Phoenix Arizona, phone 602 896-6200

Olin Levitt, PhD, School Psychologist in the Jordan School District, Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Jim Brettell, DMin, Pastor and former Principal, John T. Goad Christian School, Little Rock, Arkansas, phone: 501-690-8746

Diana Leggett, Asst. Superindent, Stillwater Public Schools, Stillwater, OK. phone: 405 533-6330

Bobbie Hodgins, Assistant Principal, West Lauderdale Attendance Center, 9916 West Lauderdale Road, Collinsville, MS 39325, home phone: 601 656-6857.

Frank Hoefling, Eagle, Nebraska. cel. phone 402 326-3223.  He recently retired as principal of Eagle Elementary School, Eagle, NE 


The following are qualified RTP trainers in Australia and can be depended upon when it comes to questions about RTP:


The following two qualified RTP Trainers are authorized to train in schools in Australasia. All training to be organized through Jean Knight.

Jean Knight. Supervisor of Trainers, retired school principal, home: 5/38 Emerald Street, KEDRON 4031, Queensland. Tel: (07) 3857 1603;

Glenn Vaughan, authorized trainer, retired school principal, home: 12 Hillrise Court, PIALBA (Hervey Bay) 4655, Queensland; Tel: (07) 4124 1621

The following four people are qualified RTP trainers in Australia and can be depended upon when it comes to questions about RTP

Chris Mellor. Trainer, retired school principal, home: 5 Maud Street, SUNNYBANK Queensland. Tel: (07) 3345 1542 N.B. Chris manages and distributes RTP Resources in Australia.

Jim Ford. Trainer, Principal, Mercy College, Penn Street, MACKAY 4741 Queensland. Tel: (07) 4649 4199

Andrew Nielsen. Trainer, RTP Administrator at Emmaus College NORTH ROCKHAMPTON 4701 Queensland Tel: (07) 4923 5700

Mark Craswell. Trainer, Deputy Principal, Walkervale State Primary School, 46A Hurst Street, BUNDABERG 4670 Queensland Tel: (07) 4155 5666

In addition to the above, the following Australian educator is a qualified Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC) trainer and can be depended upon when it comes to questions about the use of the RTC.

Leanne Newman. RTC Teacher, Clairvaux Mackillop College in UPPER MOUNT GRAVATT 4122 Queensland Tel: (07) 3347 9251