How RTP is organized

How I’ve organized RTP ® by Ed FordEd Ford


Obviously, since I’m the person who created this school discipline process and who is president of the RTP, Inc., I’m the one that has to make the final decisions concerning the various aspects of RTP. RTP, Inc., is a non-profit foundation that promotes RTP.

There is always an ongoing revamping of the process by which people become trainers. We keep learning new ways and new ideas. Where we are now can be found on this web site under “Becoming An RTP Trainer.”

George Venetis, a recently retired principal and an RTP Trainer/Evaluator, gave me the chance to try my ideas out initially in 1994. He had heard me express my ideas about classroom management (actually, a school discipline program for the entire school) at a conference sponsored by John Champlin, a national educator.

George asked me to try my ideas out at the two schools where he worked as an assistant principal at the time. The last six years of his career, he was principal at Solano Elementary School, Osborn School District, in Phoenix. He now works with me training and consulting in schools throughout the U. S. and in foreign countries.

I believe it is my responsibility to see that there is a proper avenue by which educators can become trainers and for those who are already trainers to continue to upgrade their skills. Obviously, if the present trainers don’t take advantage of the continuing education, they will no longer be trainers. Also, I believe it is my responsibility to designate certain geographical areas in which specific trainers should work. I’m well aware that at my tender age (78) I’ll not be able to keep up the schedule I’ve kept for many more years. That is something I’ll have to deal with in the future.

At the present time, I cover all areas. If and when I can’t meet all the requests, then at that time, I’ll designate someone to fill in for me. This is what I’ve done on several occasions in Michigan with Al Kullman and Scott Bogner from Evart School District and with Steve Smith, from Boyne City Middle School, also in Michigan. That is the system or protocol I’ve set up at the present time.

Unfortunately, some educators both in the U.S. and elsewhere have gone out on their own. I had to seek legal help to deal with these people. All RTP material has been copyrighted, and the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) ® has received Trade Mark status from the U.S. Trademark Office. All this had to be done for the sake of those educators who wanted the assurance that what they are learning is RTP, thus the importance of maintaining the integrity of the process.

The bottm line is that educators who wish training for their schools or an information session at their schools should go through the RTP, Inc. by contacting Ed Ford at RTP, Inc., 10209 N. 56th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85253, phone 480 584-4715 or email me at