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Lou Ann Olsen 
RTC Teacher 
Gaylord Intermediate School 
Gaylord, Michigan

Working With An Autistic Student

I have had a very rewarding week working with a new student who just started here in 5th grade and is autistic. The first week he was here he would disrupt and ended up only coming half days because of his behavior. His mother felt he could not go through the RTC school discipline process.

This week the E.I. teacher and his homeroom teacher decided to give RTC a try with him. They told me "good luck". He came to me after yelling in the classroom and disrupting and and I was told he would most likely not handle this well. His full time assistant came in with him and she sat and watched and listened as I began to ask the questions. He responded to every question and even asked me a few but understood exactly what I was asking him. He did tell me he did not want to be in here so I asked him what he could to prevent that and he said "behave".

His assistant was amazed at how well he understood what was going on. He asked me if I would write his plan. I asked him if he could write and he answered yes, so I told him I would help him with spelling if he needed it but he should to try and write his own plan. He sat down and with just a little help he did his whole plan. He has been here 3 times this week and has done 3 plans successfully. He keeps telling me he doesn't want to do these plans and I keep asking him questions about what he can do to prevent being sent. He answers that he has to learn to behave and follow rules.

The teachers didn't think he could go through the process but it did work. The E.I. teacher gave his mother the Parent packet we have explaining the RTC process and hopefully will begin to use it at home with him. It has been such a positive experience for me and I recommend it for all students. KEEP ASKING THOSE QUESTIONS!



And from the back cover of the 1998 edition of
Discipline For Home And School, Book One


"There appears a certain amount of order. Everyone seems to be going in the same direction, with the same goal. What a pleasant feeling!" Lorie Grogg, teacher's aide, Clarendon Elementary School, Phoenix

"This eliminates the power struggle between teacher and student, as well as the need to discipline in the heat of the moment. Best of all, it places responsibility where it belongs, on the individual, whether it be the teacher, student, administrator, or parent." Briley Culton, RTC teacher, Squaw Peak Elementary School, Phoenix

"This method has changed our family for the better. We've learned to listen and guide our children rather than confront and punish." Jack and Sally Bruso, president, Clarendon Elementary School PTA, Phoenix

"The questions have such an amazing way of helping children transform the way they think and, most surprisingly, build the necessary confidence. As I help them create their plans, I watch them take over and become self-determining, responsible human beings." Darleen Martin, RTC teacher, Clarendon Elementary School, Phoenix

"I wish there were more adults who could do what I've seen so many of our students do. I really didn't think the program would be as powerful as it is. I hear teachers from other schools talk about what they've got, and I feel so lucky." Nola Johnson, RTC teacher, Solano Elementary School, Phoenix

"It helps me to stay calm ...

I've waited for a program to come along that allows me to teach! I have finally found it!" Paul Pegany, 6th grade teacher, Clarendon Elementary School, Phoenix

"I've seen a 52% reduction in security calls for education and a 42% reduction in security calls for housing units, even though only the teachers have been trained to use these techniques. With fewer disruptions, teachers have more time to teach. Even with our toughest students there has been a definite increase in respect for authority and rules." Bill Lackman, RTC teacher, Catalina Mt. School, Arizona Dept. of Juvenile Corrections, Tucson

"We have watched some very violent, highly disruptive students, who were also abusive to parents, totally change how they think and act toward others. As they begin to notice the changes in their children at home, parents are now coming to us for help in learning how to use this process and have been highly successful." Rod Bond, head teacher, Lukachukai Community School, Navajo Reservation, Arizona

"It's the one program that teaches all students to take responsibility for their own actions, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances." Mike Larkin, special ed teacher, Clarendon Elementary School, Phoenix

"The RTP program has brought dignity, honor, and respect to Maryvale's discipline program. We are a 2,300-student urban school that has come a long way with this program and still have a way to go. teachers using RTP indicate they can now teach; students think it is fair, their only concern is with teachers who don't follow the process. Graffiti is almost nonexistent, and the theft rate and disruptions have dropped considerably The dropout rates in ninth and tenth grades are stabilizing, and we are retaining more students. The graduation rate is up, and there is now hope that academic competence among all students will be achieved." Jim Sandoval, principal, Maryvale High School, Phoenix Union High School District, Phoenix


WARNING: Some are teaching RTP but are neither accredited or qualified.

Both in the U.S. and in other countries, there are some educators teaching RTP
and some schools claiming to use RTP, that are not accredited by RTP, Inc.

Also, if a person were to give a presentation on RTP without permission,
they would be in violation of the Lanham Act.


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