RTP® Trainers


RTP® Trainers


The three directors of RTP® Pty Ltd, Jean Knight, Glenn Vaughan and Christine Mellor can provide all training internationally for individuals, schools and other workplaces. For details of training opportunities see Training Programs on this site

Jean Knight, Supervisor of Trainers, retired school principal, home: 5/38 Emerald Street, KEDRON, 4031, Queensland,  Australia. Phone: +61424784162
email: jean.knight5@bigpond.com.au

Glenn Vaughan, Trainer, retired school principal, home: 12 Hillrise Court, PIALBA (Hervey Bay) 4655, Queensland, Australia. Phone:+61407470369

email: glennvaughan19@gmail.com

Chris Mellor. Trainer, retired school principal, home: 5 Maud Street, SUNNYBANK Queensland, Australia. Phone:+61413602982  Chris manages and distributes RTP® Resources.

email: chris@responsiblethinking.com.au

Globally, a network of individuals and organisations implement RTP® in their respective settings. These people demonstrate a developed understanding of RTP® in their daily work with others, attend current training on a regular basis, and implement RTP® in a professional and aligned manner.

People and organisations listed below can be contacted to discuss aspects of RTP®. (TBA)

If you wish to engage in conversation and  connect with others, we invite interested practitioners to join the network of RTP®. Please subscribe here. (TBA)

To the best of our knowledge the schools and individuals on this list undergo appropriate training and have the intent to work an aligned RTP in their workplace. (TBA)