Training Programs and Workshops



The true value and the effectiveness of RTP lies in the aligned application by practitioners in schools.

Regular training in schools is our priority and we believe the flexibility of programming we can offer allows us to be responsive to the needs of all schools [RTP schools, and PCT schools that do not have a “room”] and other educational facilities. We think this flexibility offers value for the entire school community.

Two training formats, RTP Workshops and School Training Workshops are offered each year.


Workshops are offered each year In Brisbane.  Schools are able to nominate individual participants or teams. The workshops are focused on:

1.  “Integrity of the RTC ” – (2 days) Cost- $500 pp Those who would benefit from this workshop include: RTC teachers, teacher aides and RTP coordinators, classroom teachers, members of the core team, counselors and specialist teachers.

2.  ” Leading the RTP in your School ” – (3 days) Cost- $750pp This workshop is specifically directed at those in the roles of RTC coordinator, principals, deputy principals, HODs, curriculum coordinators, pastoral care teachers, APAs, counsellors, year level coordinators and others in leadership roles.

Workshops allow school representatives to share their RTP practice and to network with staff from other schools.

Regional workshops  can be arranged for clusters of schools by arrangement with with RTP Pty Ltd.


A workshop for people introducing RTP to their schools, for people working in settings where the existing program is no longer aligned with PCT/RTP and for those who have not had training for some time. This 5-6 hour workshop will offer training about the philosophy of the program, the RTP processes, the Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC), school and classroom practices that align with PCT/RTP, and the roles and relationships of people involved.

This training can extend to small group workshops that can be designed to meet the needs identified by the school.

Groups can include student leaders and parent/community groups.

Cost: $2000.00 per day plus expenses by negotiation with Jean Knight, Glenn Vaughan and Chris Mellor.



 An opportunity for schools to ask questions to clarify current issues or problems and to workshop areas of interest or need specific to their school community context.

Topics could include:

Applying PCT/RTP to Teaching Practices: for developing responsible opportunities through EL&T (Effective Learning & Teaching) for all staff and students.

RTP for students with high needs: workshop individual case studies

PCT/RTP Leadership for those that operate an RTC: roles and responsibilities

PCT/RTP Leadership for those who want to focus on PCT

Behaviour Happens: developing a culture of personal responsibility/growth and achievement in your educational environment: making plans and measuring what you have achieved.

Note:  These trainings are for the staff of schools as organised by school leaders.

Cost: $2000.00 per day plus expenses by negotiation with Jean Knight, Glenn Vaughan and Chris Mellor

Jean Knight: email:                                 Telephone: +61738571603

Glenn Vaughan: email:                         Telephone: +61407470369

Chris Mellor: email:                                   Telephone: +61413602982