How RTP is organized

How  RTP ® is organisedEd Ford

The Responsible Thinking Process® Pty Ltd is a company based in Brisbane Australia, responsible internationally for the trademarks The Responsible Thinking Process® and RTP® and all associated resources, workshops and training sessions.

RTP® Pty Ltd was established in 2017 at the request of Mrs Hester Ford and the Ford family, following the death in 2016 of Ed Ford, creator of The Responsible Thinking Process®.

The aim of RTP® Pty Ltd is to provide access for individuals and organisations to the authentic materials underpinning the RTP® developed by Ed Ford, in order to maintain their integrity into the future. The theory underpinning the development of RTP® is Perceptual Control Theory, (PCT), by William Powers.

The leadership of RTP® Pty Ltd consists of three directors Jean Knight, Glenn Vaughan and Christine Mellor, who have been actively associated with RTP® since 1995.

RTP® Pty Ltd is committed to providing opportunities for those wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding of RTP® (Ed Ford) and the underpinning theory of PCT (William Powers). The directors will demonstrate this commitment by providing a current website, workshops, school visits and individual discussions, and will provide access to authentic materials by relevant authors, (see resource section of website). These opportunities emphasise the importance of maintaining the integrity of RTP® and are offered by RTP® Pty Ltd for the sake of those educators who want the assurance that they are learning authentic RTP®.

All workshop and training materials provided by RTP® Pty Ltd are aligned to the authentic RTP® process and are underpinned by PCT.

All training will be organised by the directors.

After  exploring this website, the three directors can be contacted for further information and feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Jean Knight, Glenn Vaughan, Christine Mellor


The Responsible Thinking Process® Pty Ltd

Brisbane, Australia